Gun Incidents

The Infer Trust makes every effort to record and categorise the firearms incidents reported in the UK but we recognise that it is not a complete record.

If you are aware of a gun incident which is not listed please notify us.  You can do this by either sending us the link for an on line report, or a hard copy of a press article to our address. 
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2021/4/2 Tamworth Informed

One weapon and ammunition were surrendered to police in The Moorlands, Staffordshire  during an operation designed to tackle rural crime. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/2 Manchester Evening News

Bullet casing found after police responded to reports of a firearm discharge in Manchester, Greater Manchester. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 South Wales Argus

A pre-teenage boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been referred to a youth offender panel for four months and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge after he pleaded guilty to having an imitation firearm in public. The youth was arrested following an incident at a takeaway restaurant in Newport, Wales in December last year. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 Basildon Canvey Southend Echo

After issuing a series of violent threats and assaults, and threatening to Taser police officers in Rayleigh, Essex, Billy Bellfield aged 21, has been jailed for six years, with an additional four years on licence. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 Daily Record

Youth charged with culpable and reckless conduct, and an assault after reportedly firing a BB gun at people on a bus in Musselburgh, East Lothian. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 YorkshireLive

Adil Akksar, aged 27, has been jailed for fourteen months after pleading guilty to possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. In October last year, Akksar went to the A&E department of the Royal Infirmary in Bradford, West Yorkshire and told staff he wanted an X-ray. On being told he needed to make an appointment, Akksar pointed a gas-powered BB gun at a porter’s face, swearing and demanding an X-ray immediately. He also pointed the firearm at his own head. As the porter and other staff members locked themselves into a room, security personnel managed to disarm Akksar. Armed police officers attended, arrested Akksar and recovered a tin of ball bearings. The court heard that Akksar, a cannabis user, suffered mental health problems. The hospital porter, who had believed he was going to be shot and killed, said in a victim impact statement that he felt lucky to be alive.

2021/4/1 County Gazette

Following an investigation with Natural England and the RSPB, police officers recovered dead birds of prey, pesticides and a firearm from a rural home in East Dorset. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 Manchester Evening News

A man suspected of mugging an elderly woman in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, managed to evade capture after police officers Tasered and used a baton on him; he remains at large. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 The Mail

Seagull shot with suspected airgun in Barrow, Cumbria. Click on media link to read full report.

2021/4/1 BristolLive

Kian Harris, aged 19, has been sentenced to eighteen months' youth custody after admitting wounding, possessing cannabis oil, possessing a stun gun, possessing an item for use in forgery and four charges of possessing a Class B drug with intent to supply. In July 2019, during “a heated row” at his home in Brentry, Bristol, Harris shot his mother’s partner in the face with an air rifle. The pellet lodged near the man’s eye and had to be removed under general anaesthetic. During a subsequent search of the property, police officers recovered cannabis and cannabis products, £1,775.50 cash, a stun gun, two printers and false identity documents, as well as high value clothes and suspected fake watches and jewellery. It was later revealed that Harris had been selling fake IDs, bought from China, with just under £97,000 having been credited to his bank account in a six-month period.

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