About Us

Who we are

  • We are a group of people with shared concerns about the problems of gun and replica gun misuse. We established the national charity Infer Trust in 2000 to raise awareness of the dangers of guns, to provide information about their misuse, and to support those affected by gun violence.

Who we work with

  • We work alongside a group of like-minded people who have experienced the misuse of firearms as victims or parents and families of victims, and with members of the general public who have expressed an interest in our aims and objectives both from a health and safety and an educational viewpoint.

What we do

  • We record details of gun misuse and highlight trends.
  • We provide information to teachers, students, youth workers, pupils, researchers, journalists and members of the public etc.
  • We work with government departments, local authorities, trading standards, communities, police, safer schools partnerships, organisations, campaigning groups, victims and families, advising on ways to reduce gun violence.
  • We develop supportive networks for individuals, families, parents and children who have had personal experience of gun misuse and enable networking opportunities for those affected by gun violence issues.
  • We work in schools to raise awareness of the dangers associated with all guns, and draw attention to the devastating consequences of gun misuse on victims and their families
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