Gun Incidents

The Infer Trust makes every effort to record and categorise the firearms incidents reported in the UK but we recognise that it is not a complete record.

If you are aware of a gun incident which is not listed please notify us.  You can do this by either sending us the link for an on line report, or a hard copy of a press article to our address. 
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2023/3/27 Cumbria Crack

Police appealed for information after a cat was shot with a suspected air rifle in Carlisle, Cumbria. Click on media link to read full report.

2023/3/26 Express

A man self-presented at a hospital after being shot in his shoulder in Liverpool, Merseyside. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. Police have appealed for information, saying that the victim is refusing to co-operate with enquiries.

2023/3/26 Planet Radio

A man has been shot dead in Manchester in what police believe was a targeted attack. A man has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

2023/3/25 The Reading Chronicle

A man was arrested after he was reportedly seen shooting at pigeons from a vehicle in Beenham, Berkshire. Click on media link to read full report.

2023/3/25 yahoo! news

Four men have sentenced after being found guilty of murder: Michael Goodwin, 26, and Leon Riley, 27, were each jailed for 28 years, while Connor Goodwin, 27, and Keenan Anderson, 25, each received 32 years. In August 2018, the men pulled up in two stolen cars on a street in Birmingham, West Midlands before one of them shot a man in the back with a handgun. The victim died in hospital six days later. CCTV and phone data linked the men to the attack and tests proved that the gun, recovered during a raid in Derbyshire, was the weapon used. No motive for the murder has been discovered.

2023/3/25 Metropolitan Police

Max Daniels, 19, and Saed Gutale, 25, have been jailed for five years and six years, respectively, after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition, and drug offences. Daniels also admitted possession of criminal property. In April 2021, police officers recovered over £35,000 worth of cocaine and heroin, as well as a converted self-loading pistol and ammunition, at a property in Westminster, Central London. The men were detained in an alley behind the house as they attempted to flee.

2023/3/25 The Bolton News

Police officers arrested a man on suspicion of possession of a Class B drug after raiding a property in West Leigh, Greater Manchester. Two air weapons, recovered at the scene, will be destroyed.

2023/3/25 YorkshireLive

A man allegedly showed a gun to a reporter who was investigating knife violence in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Click on media link to read full report.

2023/3/24 StokeonTrentLive

Sean Smith, aged 36, has been jailed for 45 months after admitting two counts of fraudulent evasion and prohibition, attempting to import an acquired prohibited firearm and attempting to acquire ammunition for a firearm. After his home in Bucknall, Staffordshire was taken over by criminals, Smith was “groomed” to order a Smith & Wesson handgun from America. However, the weapon was intercepted in the US. Police officers subsequently raided Smith’s home and recovered a box of ammunition. On sentencing, the judge said, “ This is an extremely serious degree of offences. Trying to obtain a gun clearly has only one explanation - that it will be used by someone for criminal purposes. There's no evidence that that would be you. You should not have gone along with it. If you had succeeded the results could have been catastrophic.”

2023/3/24 Wiltshire999S

A man self-presented at a hospital after being shot at a property in Swindon, Wiltshire. The victim’s injury was described as “potentially life changing”. No arrests have been reported.

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