Gun Incidents

The Infer Trust makes every effort to record and categorise the firearms incidents reported in the UK but we recognise that it is not a complete record.

If you are aware of a gun incident which is not listed please notify us.  You can do this by either sending us the link for an on line report, or a hard copy of a press article to our address. 
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2023/1/19 Thames Valley Police

Emman Riasat, aged 21, has been jailed for two years and one month after being convicted of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. Riasat was arrested after he discharged a firearm towards a car in Oxford, Oxfordshire in July last year.

2023/1/19 Lancaster Guardian

Levi McCandlish, 27, and Joshua Giles, 21, have been jailed for fifteen years, eight months and thirteen-and-a-half years, respectively, after pleading guilty to Section 18 grievous bodily harm and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. In November 2021, a man suffered life-changing injuries when he was shot in the face with an improvised firearm, known as a slam gun, in an alleyway in Morecambe, Lancashire. A car, owned by a relative of McCandlish and seen in the area, was later found by police. It contained a face covering and receipts and tags for balaclavas and gloves. CCTV footage revealed McCandlish and Giles buying the items, as well as a crowbar, in a shop near the location of the attack. No motive for the shooting has ever been uncovered. 

2023/1/19 Gazette & Herald

A man was cautioned by police for offences under the Conservation of Seals Act and the Firearms Act after he fired an air rifle at seals on a public beach in Filey, North Yorkshire. The man voluntarily surrendered his air weapon for destruction. Since March 2021, it has been illegal to kill, injure and take a seal in UK waters.

2023/1/19 Yorkshire Evening Post

Following a disturbance in Leeds, West Yorkshire in November 2021, 44-year-old James Skingley admitted to responding police officers that he was carrying a stun gun disguised as a USB device. He told them he had bought the weapon online for his own protection, not realising it was illegal. Skingley was given an eighteen-month community order, with a six-months alcohol treatment requirement and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days, after a judge found that his mental health issues and alcohol problems meant the mandatory five-year jail term need not be imposed.

2023/1/19 BBC News

Leon Smart, aged 36, has been jailed for nine years after pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs and possessing a prohibited weapon. When police officers raided a former pub in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire In September 2021, Smart climbed through a bathroom window and hid behind a nearby house. After being tracked by a police drone, Smart was chased and stopped by a police canine unit. Officers recovered a Taser, cash and significant quantities of cocaine and cannabis from the property.

2023/1/18 Mail Online

The coroner at the inquest into the death of a married couple in June last year has recorded a verdict of suicide, cause of death being shotgun wounds to their chests. The bodies of the man and woman were found in the grounds of their home in Goring Heath, Oxfordshire after bailiffs calling to carry out an eviction order found a note pinned to the door describing their whereabouts and asking for the police to be notified. The couple’s dog had also been shot dead. The inquest heard that the couple had got into financial difficulties after the failure of a business enterprise. Handwritten and typed suicide notes were left, signed by both of them. The pathologist in the inquest could not conclude whether one person had shot the other and then themselves or if the individuals shot themselves.

2023/1/18 Daily Record
Police officers Tasered and arrested a man after he allegedly caused a disturbance in Glasgow, Scotland. Click on media link to read full report.
2023/1/18 Greater Manchester Police

Joseph Mulenga, 20, and Jamie Cunningham, 21, have been jailed for five years and eighteen months, respectively, after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm. Both men also received concurrent sentences for possession of a firearm without a certificate, while Mulenga was handed a four-month term for possession of ammunition. As part of an investigation into an organised crime group involved with several firearm discharges, police officers seized two shotguns and over 100 cartridges from Cunningham’s address in Manchester in March 2021. After Cunningham told the officers that Mulenga had brought the guns to her house, his DNA was recovered from the weapons.

2023/1/18 Warwickshire Police

Police officers arrested a teenage boy on suspicion of possession of a firearm after he allegedly pointed an imitation gun at their unmarked car and at members of the public in Rugby, Warwickshire. Click on media link to read full report. 

2023/1/17 Yorkshire Evening Post

After admitting making threats to kill, actual bodily harm and a public order offence, 37-year-old Daljit Singh Khosa was handed a suspended sentence of thirteen months and an indefinite restraining order, and told to enrol on an anger management course. In March last year, Khosa threatened to cut his partner with a knife and kill her. During an argument at the woman’s home in Leeds, West Yorkshire six months later, a pellet gun Khosa was waving around went off, hitting her in the thigh. This incident was accepted by the court as “reckless rather than intentional”. Khosa made further death threats before being arrested.

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