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Following a National Crime Agency investigation into the supply of firearms, Artem Kuts, 39, Oliver Mark, 40, and Alexander Georgiev, 26, have been jailed for fifteen years, eight years and six years, respectively. In October last year, surveillance officers observed Kuts getting into a car with a brown paper bag outside his home in Isle of Dogs, East London. The car was registered to Mark. Georgiev was subsequently seen getting in and out of the car, carrying the same bag. When armed police officers searched the vehicle, they recovered the bag, which contained a Russian brand Baikal self-loading pistol and eight rounds of Makarov ammunition. Two more Baikal pistols and fourteen rounds of ammunition were found hidden in the garden of Kuts’ home. Kuts was found guilty of the attempted sale or transfer of a firearm prohibited weapon, possession of ammunition and three counts of possession of firearm. Mark was found guilty of the attempted sale and transfer of a firearm, while Georgiev pleaded guilty to the same charge, as well as possession of a firearm.

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